Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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Charley West is a professional broadcaster and your host on FreedomTruthSeekers.com

Will We Survive September? Charley West
Weather wars and rumors of wars; Economic Collapse, precedent setting church and state meetings. Marshal law; civic unrest and chaos in the street. Biological weapons being released; chem trails. Blood Moons; God is talking to us - are we listening?

Do You Want To Know A Secret Charley West
Putting lipstick on a pig, does not make it any less of a pig. The matrix of the world has covered up God's truth for thousands of years, through deception and distortion. Now, we are shining His light on it.

The Collapse is Here - Now Charley West
Mainstream media keeps insisting all is well and the world's economy is recovering. They are liars. Read on and discover what is really about to happen

Now Comes The Darkest Night Charley West
The Academy Awards were just handed out in Hollywood. Do you know who really controls them, and what they symbolize? Society has been brainwashed into believing actors are modern day 'gods.' However, the One, True Creator God is about to reveal all.

Guess Who's a Terrorist Now Charley West
In a world controlled by deception, fear and chaos there is a growing concern over who is a target to be destroyed. The list of suspected terrorists contains some shocking groups, including Believers of Jesus. Satan's end game could have you carted off to prison or worse.

Conditioning for the Future Charley West
The Universe has been at war for thousands of years. Despite economic crises and geopolitical confrontations and pandemics threatening man's survival, God say he has a hope and a future of not harming us. His desire is to prosper us.

The Bad Guys Are Winning Charley West
Disasters surround us and are producing much pain and sorrow. Earthly conflicts are just a symptom of a much greater battle directly over our heads that has been raging for eons. Is it all an act of God? We are being watched from space; we are being monitored, so, where's Jesus in all of this?

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