Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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Charley West is a professional broadcaster and your host on FreedomTruthSeekers.com

Bad Days, Sleepless Nights Charley West
A one world order agenda grows. Now the Pope is blaspheming the true Word of God. And Christians are being led to slaughter.

God's Judgment Charley West
While many of us look for reasons to judge a perfect God, He continues to give us warnings that His judgment is about to be loosed upon a disobedient and wicked world

Can You Trust Christians Charley West
The Bible prophesies a time when professing Christians would turn against true Believers in the real Jesus.That time is upon us. Blood is on the altar and it signals the end days of this dark and wicked age.

Sex and the Father-hating Syndrome, Part 7 (Conclusion) Pastor Robert Scott
For continuity's sake, we add the last paragraph of Part 6.

Sex and the Father-hating Syndrome, Part 6 Pastor Robert Scott
One Woman’s Struggle One wife of a father hater and sex addict recounted her struggle: “He was very demanding about sex...it had to be at least once a day or I wasn’t doing my duty as a wife and didn’t really love him. It became physically quite painful for ...

Sex and the Father-hating Syndrome, Part 5 Pastor Robert Scott
When Sex Becomes the Priority A sex addict wants to share the marital bed, but no desire exists to share anything else with his wife unless it is somehow connected with sex. The wife often has sex out of a sense of duty, and she is screaming in her head ...

Praise Jesus! Pastor Robert Scott
 If you sing with us today, don't forget to replace Lord with Jesus, especially in the rousing Days of Elijah.

Sabbath -- Day of Freedom Pastor Robert Scott
As we present a new document many of our readers need on Soul, Blood Ties, Bonds, etc., (upload of pdf not being allowed so we will post it soon on our A-Z) we reflect on this Sabbath day, which is a day of freedom. Many believe it is a burden ...

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