Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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Charley West


Charley West is a professional broadcaster and your host on FreedomTruthSeekers.com

God's Judgment Charley West
While many of us look for reasons to judge a perfect God, He continues to give us warnings that His judgment is about to be loosed upon a disobedient and wicked world

Judging God Charley West
Even though He is perfect, God is often criticized. Because people are ill; because they are suffering or unemployed and unable to pay their bills, God is blamed. Do you judge God?

This Ride is Getting Crazier Charley West
The world as we know it, isn't what it seems! Purposely planned disinformation and cover ups by governments and the military are now coming to light. And the result is a society in chaos, confusion, angry and upset at the schemes of those in charge.

Wait Until You Read This Charley West
Just when you thought the chaos around the world could not become any worse, there are reports of city counselors proclaiming Satan and Allah in official proclamations. So, how's your blood pressure now?

It's Time To Die Charley West
It is easy to be distracted. Magicians and illusionists use their craft of sorcery to do it all the time. Satan is the master of deception.He uses his worldly distractions to steal, kill and destroy Believers through out of control emotions resulting in misspoken words that lead us astray

The Genie is Out of The Bottle Charley West
Never in recorded history has there been so much disorder in the world. We hear and see daily reports of events occurring globally that cause many people to wonder if anyone is in control. Are you stuck on an emotional roller coaster and reacting fearfully, or do you trust in Jesus to handle everything you cannot?

World War 3 is Here Charley West
A Universe is at the crossroads of existence. Is there no hope left for any of us? What does Jesus say about the global crisis that is raging?

Nowhere to Run - Nowhere to Hide Charley West
Creator God made mankind in the likeness and image of the God Family; Jesus tells us that we are 'as gods on the earth.' We don't get to that position overnight. It is a journey that requires humbling ourselves to receive teaching from the truth of God's Word to be transformed from mankind to the God kind.

When a Father Loves You Charley West
God created man to be part of His Royal Family when we come of age as Sons of God. In these end days of the age sophisticated technological advancements are being heralded as being able to merge machines with man into a creation superior to what God made. .

Phone Home Charley West
The world is in chaos and confusion. People are distracted.They are fearful and worried about where to turn for answers. Many false leaders say they can solve the issues; however we need to have faith in Jesus and call on Him - only

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