Saturday, August 18, 2018
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Charley West is a professional broadcaster and your host on

Pope Francis Revises the Ten Commandments Charley West
Satan defied God and openly declared that he wanted to take over God's throne. It didn't end well for him. Now, Pope Francis is acting just like the devil

Do You Want To Know A Secret Charley West
Putting lipstick on a pig, does not make it any less of a pig. The matrix of the world has covered up God's truth for thousands of years, through deception and distortion. Now, we are shining His light on it.

Calm Before The Storm Charley West
As one calendar year ends, another is about to begin. World wide, people are beginning to expect something big to happen. Even those who don't believe in Jesus or have any "religious" affiliations sense some final event is imminent, And not in a good way!

The Bad Guys Are Winning Charley West
Disasters surround us and are producing much pain and sorrow. Earthly conflicts are just a symptom of a much greater battle directly over our heads that has been raging for eons. Is it all an act of God? We are being watched from space; we are being monitored, so, where's Jesus in all of this? P.O. Box 68090,162 Bonnie Doon Mall, Edmonton, Alberta Canada. T6C 4N6

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