Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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Charley West is a professional broadcaster and your host on FreedomTruthSeekers.com

Are You An Ignorant Fool Charley West

Are you deceived? How would you know if you're not? The only way to discern truth from a lie is to know what is true. God's Word is absolute truth. However, Satan's program of deception and distortion has diluted God's Word. Many people reject it. They don't believe it . The result is we have a world today controlled by evil wickedness that the majority believe is good and right.

Freedom Truth Seekers Radio is about to play a series that is dedicated to displaying how the spirits of deception and distortion have reached into all areas of the globe and run our lives. And most people aren't even aware that we are programmed and conditioned to receive the lies and accept them. In fact, the world is so fake and phony today that when truth is shown, they attack those speaking it attempting to discredit and demean them. That is a perfect illustration of the spirit of distortion.

We encourage you to listen to Freedom Truth Seekers Radio series called "Deception and Distortion Control the World" now playing through May 22!

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