Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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Charley West


Charley West is a professional broadcaster and your host on FreedomTruthSeekers.com

What is Truth? Charley West
People base their decision making and life choices on what they perceive to be truthful. However, the world is a lie. It is controlled by the father of lies who has deceived the world. So, now what?

Bad Days, Sleepless Nights Charley West
A one world order agenda grows. Now the Pope is blaspheming the true Word of God. And Christians are being led to slaughter.

Follow Baal - Go To Hell Charley West
The world is so deceived, so fake, so phony, that when truth is presented it actually bothers people. Yet, God sends His prophets to speak what needs to be heard so a nation can repent an d be saved.

Are You An Ignorant Fool Charley West
Society is a herd of followers; except we have been deceived into accepting lies and falseness that is effectively stealing, killing and destroying our collective future and we are not even aware of it

Do You Want To Know A Secret Charley West
Putting lipstick on a pig, does not make it any less of a pig. The matrix of the world has covered up God's truth for thousands of years, through deception and distortion. Now, we are shining His light on it.

Just Who Do You Think You Are Charley West
A new calendar year means the same old story; there are very evil people with plans to keep the masses enslaved to a way of living never designed for them by God. The roller coaster ride through an out of control world is not human, or, is it?

World War 3 is Here Charley West
A Universe is at the crossroads of existence. Is there no hope left for any of us? What does Jesus say about the global crisis that is raging?

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