Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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Charley West is a professional broadcaster and your host on FreedomTruthSeekers.com

How Do Einstein and Tesla Prove God Exists? Pastor Robert Scott
Link to my YouTube Channel and video, Words Do More Killing than Sticks and Stones Find out by going to our church site and radio site facebook pages for Robert's YouTube video on this subject. And add any comments and questions here.

If You Could Time Travel, What Time Would You Go Back To and Why? Pastor Robert Scott
Time travel is fascinating subject. Would you go back into your early life or your parent's life to understand and find things to lay down, or would you go way back in time. When, where, and why?

What Do You Put Before God and How Will You Avoid This Idolatry? Pastor Robert Scott
You will have to listen to Charlene's audio to understand the Olympic connection. The important thing is to discover what "high things" you are allowing to put before God and His knowledge (read 2 Cor. 10:5!) and lay them down on the next new moon. What are you worshipping? ...

Did God Create Aliens? Pastor Robert Scott
What do you think? Are aliens in the Bible? Did God create them?  It may not be as evident when you don't combine some verses with others complete with their Hebrew meanings, but you can find aliens mentioned in the Bible, as well as UFOs and alien spaceships. Get ...

Have You Ever Seen a UFO? Pastor Robert Scott
Invaders from Space  is our new radio series starting Friday, August 24.  Reports of UFO sightings and to see invaders, or aliens, are treated with disdain by the mass media and government. Yet astronauts have seen UFOs on their flights, and quite a few have gone on record to ...

What Miracle Would You Call For? Pastor Robert Scott
Would you call for a financial miracle, a miracle of overcoming an obstinate sin in your life, a healing miracle, or a salvation miracle for someone?

Questions from the Universe and about the Universe Pastor Robert Scott
Our new radio series will be beginning on August 24, "Invaders from Space," followed by "Space-time Dimension." They sound intriguing, and you can be sure they will be. Ask any questions here about these upcoming series to that we might be able to answer them during the second series ...

Are Your Financial Problems Orchestrated? Pastor Robert Scott
What is behind your financial problems? Does the system cause you problems? Many observers are saying Europe's money problems will be their downfall. America's financial problems look like they will bring the nation to its knees. Is there someone behind this who is doing it on purpose to bring ...

Sabbath Announcements: Good News about Curses—and Africa! Pastor Robert Scott
We wanted you to hear some good news about Africa since we have had a number of negative comments on this blog. Our radio broadcaster/evangelist just returned from Kenya with glowing praise reports. Furthermore, Pastor Gerald began the announcement period by quoting from Hunter's, Rose's, and Laura's excellent comments we ...

I Have a General Question (# 8) Pastor Robert Scott
Here's where you can ask anything.

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