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Charley West
Charley West
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Are You Clueless? Charley West
We have been conditioned to accept the world's ways! Satan is the 'god' of this world. His fingerprints are on everything. Religion, governments, the banking system, education, the media is all run by sorcery and demonic control. Do you believe that statement?

We can all be family – again! Charley West
The truth of God's Word stands outside of time. It is the same yesterday, today and forever. The Last Great Day follows this Feast of Tabernacles on Monday, October 8, symbolically representing the final and greatest harvest of all time on the earth. In this day there will be a resurrection of all of God's created beings after the 1000 years of Jesus' millennial rule.The Feast of Tabernacles served to show all who participated how we will walk together in harmony, and be united by our common bond, Jesus, and His Love for all.

So - You THINK You Know the Bible ! Charley West
Let's learn some truth - together !

How To Stay Young Charley West
The Heart of Friendship series continues on Freedom Truth Seekers with Godly, loving advice. 

What Would You Call This Story? Charley West
The Heart of Friendship series is focused on Love and Forgiveness, BUT, wait until you read this!

R. S. V. P. Charley West
Rejoice Saints in Victory Praise ....

You Want Me to do - What? Charley West
The Heart of Friendship does not have conditions!

Big Things Ahead! Charley West
Fall Feast Days means 'special' programming on: P.O. Box 68090,162 Bonnie Doon Mall, Edmonton, Alberta Canada. T6C 4N6

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