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The Genie is Out of The Bottle Charley West
Never in recorded history has there been so much disorder in the world. We hear and see daily reports of events occurring globally that cause many people to wonder if anyone is in control. Are you stuck on an emotional roller coaster and reacting fearfully, or do you trust in Jesus to handle everything you cannot?

It's Name is ELE Charley West
The official term is E.L.E. It stands for Extinction Level Event. God's Word tells us that in these end days, there will be signs in the sky pointing to disasters on earth. These celestial signs, historically, always preceded times of great change.

Now What's Next? Charley West
Betrayals and broken promises are designed to steal our destiny.To steal our hope for the future God designed for us.There is a set time for every Believer to receive back everything that has been lost over their life - with increase! That time is here!

Guess Who's a Terrorist Now Charley West
In a world controlled by deception, fear and chaos there is a growing concern over who is a target to be destroyed. The list of suspected terrorists contains some shocking groups, including Believers of Jesus. Satan's end game could have you carted off to prison or worse.

Conditioning for the Future Charley West
The Universe has been at war for thousands of years. Despite economic crises and geopolitical confrontations and pandemics threatening man's survival, God say he has a hope and a future of not harming us. His desire is to prosper us.

World War 3 is Here Charley West
A Universe is at the crossroads of existence. Is there no hope left for any of us? What does Jesus say about the global crisis that is raging?

The Bad Guys Are Winning Charley West
Disasters surround us and are producing much pain and sorrow. Earthly conflicts are just a symptom of a much greater battle directly over our heads that has been raging for eons. Is it all an act of God? We are being watched from space; we are being monitored, so, where's Jesus in all of this?

Nowhere to Run - Nowhere to Hide Charley West
Creator God made mankind in the likeness and image of the God Family; Jesus tells us that we are 'as gods on the earth.' We don't get to that position overnight. It is a journey that requires humbling ourselves to receive teaching from the truth of God's Word to be transformed from mankind to the God kind.

When a Father Loves You Charley West
God created man to be part of His Royal Family when we come of age as Sons of God. In these end days of the age sophisticated technological advancements are being heralded as being able to merge machines with man into a creation superior to what God made. .

Apostasy Rising Charley West
Even mainstream churches that say they follow the truth of God's Word are disobeying it! The last days of this present age of darkness have been prophesied to include a falling away from God's commanded ways, and it is happening, increasingly, across the globe. P.O. Box 68090,162 Bonnie Doon Mall, Edmonton, Alberta Canada. T6C 4N6

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