Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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Charley West is a professional broadcaster and your host on FreedomTruthSeekers.com

More on 2012 and Some Encouragement Pastor Robert Scott
We have more on Job and what he said about the events that will bring great darkness beginning in late 2012,but we first have a few words of encouragement to combat any darkness you may be personally experiencing.

No Need to Fear 2012 Pastor Robert Scott
Is December 21, 2012 an open door to hell? For the world it may well be such a door, but it doesn't have to be that for you. All hell will indeed break loose beginning at that time, but the power of heaven is much greater, and this blog is designed to give you access to powerful revelation from God so that “all heaven can break loose” in your life. If you want to be ready for what Satan is about to unleash, and ready to receive what God is ready to release to you now, read on...  

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