Saturday, July 21, 2018
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Do You Want To Know A Secret Charley West
Putting lipstick on a pig, does not make it any less of a pig. The matrix of the world has covered up God's truth for thousands of years, through deception and distortion. Now, we are shining His light on it.

The Collapse is Here - Now Charley West
Mainstream media keeps insisting all is well and the world's economy is recovering. They are liars. Read on and discover what is really about to happen

Now Comes The Darkest Night Charley West
The Academy Awards were just handed out in Hollywood. Do you know who really controls them, and what they symbolize? Society has been brainwashed into believing actors are modern day 'gods.' However, the One, True Creator God is about to reveal all.

Who Killed The Children Charley West
From birth, we are all conditioned to accept society's ways as in our best interests. They are not. People are mind controlled and programmed to teach their children how not to succeed

The Day Babylon Dies Charley West
Satan's Babylonian system of the world is on a road to ruin. It may not look like it; however to those who see through the Matrix, it is clear that society as we know it is about to change - forever

This Ride is Getting Crazier Charley West
The world as we know it, isn't what it seems! Purposely planned disinformation and cover ups by governments and the military are now coming to light. And the result is a society in chaos, confusion, angry and upset at the schemes of those in charge.

Just Who Do You Think You Are Charley West
A new calendar year means the same old story; there are very evil people with plans to keep the masses enslaved to a way of living never designed for them by God. The roller coaster ride through an out of control world is not human, or, is it?

Calm Before The Storm Charley West
As one calendar year ends, another is about to begin. World wide, people are beginning to expect something big to happen. Even those who don't believe in Jesus or have any "religious" affiliations sense some final event is imminent, And not in a good way!

Wait Until You Read This Charley West
Just when you thought the chaos around the world could not become any worse, there are reports of city counselors proclaiming Satan and Allah in official proclamations. So, how's your blood pressure now?

It's Time To Die Charley West
It is easy to be distracted. Magicians and illusionists use their craft of sorcery to do it all the time. Satan is the master of deception.He uses his worldly distractions to steal, kill and destroy Believers through out of control emotions resulting in misspoken words that lead us astray P.O. Box 68090,162 Bonnie Doon Mall, Edmonton, Alberta Canada. T6C 4N6

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