Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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Charley West is a professional broadcaster and your host on FreedomTruthSeekers.com

Praising Jesus in Unity Pastor Robert Scott
Why don't you join us in unity by singing the same songs we are singing to praise Jesus on this Sabbath day? God says praise is comely, and when done in unity, is powerful, commanding a blessing (Psalm 133). If this link works, you can tune in as we ...

Worry Words or Warrior Words Quiz Pastor Robert Scott
This Friday evening around 7:30 PM MDT, you will hear the beginning of our important new radio series, Relying on Faith, and our apostles timely sermon, "A Day at a Time." Gerald will give the answer to this quiz, but see if you can answer these quiz questions regarding words ...

Ever Felt "Drunk" in the Spirit? Pastor Robert Scott
Have any of our bloggers ever experienced what is commonly called being drunk in the Spirit? How did it feel? Did it feel like being literally drunk with alcohol? Did any perceive any demonic influence or manifestation? What were the fruits of this experience for you? Were there positive ...

"Holy Roller" Manifestations—of God? Pastor Robert Scott
Youth Alive is streaming live as we write. Our group is discussing manifestations of a charismatic nature and deciding which are of God and which are not? Is barking like a dog or roaring like a lion from the Holy Spirit? Did Jesus ever get drunk in the Spirit ...

Got Questions about Faith? Healing? Pastor Robert Scott
Youth Alive tonight deals with some question about faith. Do you have questions about faith…about faith in healing? Is your injury or handicap a punishment from God? Does God promise always to heal? Do some people have more faith in fear than God? What words can one speak that will weaken our faith and ...

I've Always Wondered About... (General Questions # 6) Pastor Robert Scott
Here's your opportunity to ask anything.

Editing the Ten Commandments? Pastor Robert Scott
Thou Shalt Not Edit My Ten Commandments! A U.S. District Judge has suggested that editing the Ten Commandments to just six would help solve a dispute between the ACLU and the Giles County, Va., School District. Read the article. He ordered the case to go to mediation. This case could go ...

Loving Things Pastor Robert Scott
We learned during the announcement period today something new, as usual (Hear Loving Things). Our apostle shared a truth one of our inspired bloggers who specializes in questions about witchcraft stated. We must rescind having spoken that we loved things. We should love people, not things. If we have ...

Do You Know Why Were You Born? Pastor Robert Scott
Do you know? Do you know why God created mankind? What is man's purpose and destiny? SIt on a cloud and play a harp forever?

Are You Drowning in the New Fears? Pastor Robert Scott
Are you drowning in the new fears Satan has brought upon this world? These fears stop us from enjoying the Word of God, allowing its life to get into us. Staying in the Word causes us to trust and love Jesus, thus pleasing our Father, which protects us from ...

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