Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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Charley West is a professional broadcaster and your host on FreedomTruthSeekers.com

Should the Dead Be Raised? Pastor Robert Scott
Our radio series is about refreshing. A dead person raised would feel truly refreshed with a new life. But should we raise them? Why aren't the dead being raised?

Did the Devil Make Me Do It? Pastor Robert Scott
We blame lots of problems on the devil. Should we always blame him. How much responsibility do we carry? 

What Does Lying Do to a Person's Integrity? Pastor Robert Scott
Lying is becoming a strong, evil force in these last days. Is it harmless, or are there effects to one's integrity?

Access a Treasure Today! Pastor Robert Scott
That’s right. A treasure of revelation is awaiting you at our bookstore here,For fourteen years I have worked closely with Apostle Gerald Budzinski and the Holy Spirit has anointed me to write in book and e-books the amazing revelations God has given us over the years in Freedom Church ...

How to Forgive—the Life-changing Book is Finally Here! Pastor Robert Scott
Unforgiveness is the greatest problem in the church today. This common but overlooked spiritual malady separates you from God. He can’t hear you! Eight hundred packed a Canadian church to hear what this book had to say. Their pastor said the information in this book was the most profound ...

Jesus' Day of Joy and Refreshing! Pastor Robert Scott
Our new super series just started. It's a time of refreshing. That's what the Sabbath is. It's a time to be refreshed in the joy of Jesus! How was your week? Have you had “issues,” problems that you are dealing with that are not yet resolved? Whatever our issues, ...

Have You Relied More on Faith Due to the New Moon Lay Down? Pastor Robert Scott
Tonight at sunset begins the new moon lay down time. Our series running right now on our radio site is “Relying on Faith.” How has the new moon lay down increased your faith level? As burdens are released to Jesus, are you sensing a greater freedom to walk in ...

Relying on Faith—over Niagara Falls! Pastor Robert Scott
A believer just became the first man to walk on a wire over Niagara Falls. What was striking was their family group prayer before the feat. Even more striking was the number of times he spoke out, "Thank You, Jesus. Thank You, Father God. Thank You, My Father." This ...

What Determines Your Value? Pastor Robert Scott
Our apostle asked us this question, and after a half an hour at Bible Study June 12 we were stumped, and he had to tell us. See if you can give the correct answer before hearing on my home page at robertsmoreofjesus.com. See "Value."

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