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The Malachi 4 Foundation for Family Unity

UpdateDecember 31, 2012

As we prepare for a possible time when people will need access to farm-grown food in times of trouble, our foundation has purchased a farm not far from Edmonton. We are called to be a distributor of blessings, and this purchase fits into our goals.

Our African projects of chicken farms and pineapple projects are underway and we are looking forward to success in these projects. 

Update October 2012

In our resent biannual foundation meeting, managing Director Gerald Budzinski informed us that Pastor Grace's chicken farm is prospering in Embu , Kenya. We have had a sixth fish harvest in Rongo, Kenya. We expect a first pineapple harvest in the spring. We helped orphans buy school bags in Benin, French West Africa as Pastor Robert Scott visited there for the Feast of Tabernacles. Our plan is to build an orphanage there for some twenty-five orphans.

2010 – Our sister foundation of Malachi 4 in Kenya developed ten fishponds in Rongo, Kenya. This project, praised by government leaders, will help feed the local people and create employment for them. This aquaculture project is working exceedingly well.
2011 – We are seeking to raise funds for:
  1. A chicken ranch in the area of Embu, Kenya, two hours by vehicle north of Nairobi. The estimated cost is $4000.
  2. At the request of the Minister of State for Public Affairs, Hon. Dalmas Otieno Anyango, a girls’ school administered by Freedom Church of God, a seniors’ home and health center in the Rongo/Kisii area, the estimated cost of which is $70,000.
  3. Buying a truck for fish and food distribution to surrounded areas near Rongo, at an estimated cost of $35,000.
Our goal is, at the official invitation of the government, to assist in the building of the nation by educating the minds of young people, helping people with food and learning to help themselves, as well as stimulating the lives of the elderly with interaction between young and old.


The history of this foundation began in 1972. A meeting between Justice Peter Greschuk and Mr. Gerald Budzinski birthed a non-profit organization called Young Men’s Counseling Services. Justice Peter Greschuk was the chief benefactor of this organization until 1978 when it was incorporated into Malachi 4 Foundation for Family Unity.

YMCS was set up to help abused children overcome the stigmas attached to being abused. We later found, however, that we needed an expanded format because the types of secondary problems we found in these children required family counseling -- not uniquely counseling for the child. So to answer this need we expanded our format of operations and began operating as the Malachi 4 Foundation for Family Unity in 1976. We then incorporated it in 1978.

Over the years we found that following the requirements of government agencies was doing more harm than good for the children in our care. Children needed love. They needed hugs and they needed to have a foundation in how to pray. We thus stopped all government funding, and we have sought private funding ever since.

In 1998 the Foundation expanded its programs again and started taking on young adults that had become trapped in drug abuse, hopelessness, and bureaucratic stifling.

After several years trying to help these young adults, we found that they not only needed Jesus in their life, but they also needed truth instead of the lies and betrayal that had burdened them.

So in answer to this need and others, Freedom Church of God was formed, with God giving the Church its commission in Isaiah 58 and 59:1-3.

In October 2008 we started supporting radio station in order to expand our ministry to reach the world. We wanted to present material that would cause people to think. We wanted to enable them to see beyond the mundane and to be exposed to truths hidden from Christians in general.

This radio station has helped people grow spiritually and break the yokes of despair and the blankets of hopelessness that are door openers to multiple forms of abuse and addictions.

Our goal in this foundation is the achievement of family unity in God’s love. We serve a God of love, who is Love and who wants a family that is characterized by love. We teach forgiveness and union with God’s love and will in His Son, Jesus, and in His Sabbath day of unity.

We release the power of love to help the sick, the needy, and the abandoned find freedom in peace and fullness.

Join us in this work of love with your support, your prayers, and your words of encouragement. P.O. Box 68090,162 Bonnie Doon Mall, Edmonton, Alberta Canada. T6C 4N6

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