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About Us

About Us is sponsored by Freedom Church of God and the Malachi 4 Foundation for Family Unity in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Our goal as an Internet radio station is to preach the gospel of the Kingdom of God, the gospel Jesus preached, to the whole world (Mat. 24:14).

This includes going far beyond shallow headline news to explain the prophetic significance behind the news in a way no other media, Christian or otherwise, has been able to do. Most Christian expositors of prophecy limit their understanding to the Book of Revelation and Daniel, along with Jesus prophetic pronouncements. God has graced Freedom Church of God with knowledge from the conceptual Hebrew language that draws on the early books of the Bible and most surprisingly, on the Book of Job. It is impossible to grasp what is going on in the world, even the Christian world today, without comprehending the amazing prophecies spoken in the original Hebrew by one righteous man whose words transcend time.

Our mission includes discipling those our Father Love draws to Jesus (John 6:44; Mat. 28:19) and "teaching them to observe all that I [Jesus] commanded you…" (Mat. 28:20). Freedom Church of God has been blessed to understand concepts of truth you will not hear anywhere else, and we unabashedly share these truths, sometimes controversial, as our specific anointing of Isaiah 58 and Isaiah 59:1-3 requires us to do.

We are indeed blessed to have onboard an anointed, talented, veteran broadcaster in Charley West. His voice is a recognized one in Edmonton, where he entertained morning motorists on their commute for fourteen years with EZ Rock FM, and later on the religious stations CJRY, SHINE FM and 930 AM The Light. His interesting radio voice, anecdotes and sense of humour marry well with the profound teachings we deliver on the air.

Freedom Church of God is a non-denominational church that is called to be a network of house churches. Founded in January of 2000, we specialize in healing by our Healer Jesus, healing of body, mind, emotions, finances and relationships. While we are presently a small group of dedicated believers, over 700 people have sought our help, and that number will continue to grow in our new radio ministry. More information on the church can be found on our church site,

Malachi 4 Foundation for Family Unity was founded in 1976 to provide shelter, encouragement, support and healing for abused and abandoned young people. While Pastor Gerald Budzinski has labored in this domain for some thirty years, as well as in counseling for over forty years, he has expanded the house at 8112-81 avenue in Edmonton to be a general house of healing for those of all ages.

God has led us to a new focus however, our new radio outreach will allow the foundation to seek to fulfill its mission statement of Malachi 4:6. God works through a number of ministries in these last days to utilize the anointing given millennia ago to Elijah to call people to the true God and to "restore the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of the children to their fathers [and to Father God, who is Love]."

The mission statements of the church and foundation merge. Our latests books are from Robert B. Scott  (with co-author Scott Bishop) God's Fruit of Forgiveness and Hidden Truth from Prophecy—Beyond 2012. The book on forgiveness will help families to reconcile. The books on healing and rejection advertised on this site involve the missions of both the church and the foundation, as does "Bible Code Broken — The Truth about the Christian Sabbath". We also look forward to writing Jesus' Days of Joy (sequel to our Sabbath book), "...the hearts of the children to their fathers,"  and, God willing, books on the rapture, the cloak of invisibility, intimidation, and the exciting prophecies of Job.

We believe the truths you will hear on are truths you won't hear anywhere else. These truths will enable you to survive — even thrive — in these tumultuous times of tribulation. We hope that you will rejoice with us that Jesus is coming back to bring peace and joy to this troubled world. While our mission involves lifting up our voices like trumpets to show why the world — even the Christian world — is in such a mess, we also announce the good news: Jesus is coming to clean up the mess and give our anxiety-filled, stressed out, fast-forward world a much-needed rest. P.O. Box 68090,162 Bonnie Doon Mall, Edmonton, Alberta Canada. T6C 4N6

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